Involving our customers in our journey has always been a must so with all the feedback we regularly collate from yourselves, we've launched a Loyalty Scheme to reward you for your ongoing support. 

How it works

We gift you points and rewards for many different things such as: purchasing a product, signing up to the loyalty scheme, referring a friend, even following us on instagram and when the points mount up and you qualify for a reward. You're then able to knock some money off your next purchase.

Why wait? Open your free online account now and start earning! Simply click on the black icon on the bottom left handside of your screen.

The rewards

Spend Loyalty points Reward
£200 200 points £10
£300 300 points £15
£400 400 points £20
£500 500 points £25
£600 600 points £30


Please note: Points are not rewarded on items which are returned therefore your points status on purchases, will be updated approximately 28 days after your order has been placed. Points are valid for 365 days.

If you have any questions about redeeming your rewards, please contact our Customer Service team at