MOKKAH is beyond shoes, it's a movement.

We are growing a community of women who have not only experienced the hurt and stress of not finding shoes in their size but have also spent years, patiently waiting for inclusivity from mainstream brands but never found it.

Founder Sherene Headley, was tired of the lack of options and opportunities to express herself through footwear. She had always loved shoes but never seemed to have the right foot for them. "It's not just shoes. It's about femininity, identity and inclusivity. We supply 'large shoes for women' - exclusively in sizes EU42-46 (UK8-12/US10-14) so that you will forever be chosen."

Humble beginnings but the vision is huge - think bigger than boots, flats, sandals - think bridal and children's footwear too!

How can you join?
Complete at least one of the following and we'll be sure to welcome you.

1. Subscribe via the website

2. Download our free shoe guide (preview below)

3. Drop us a DM on Instagram with the hashtag #MOKKAHShoes - you'll join our 'close friends' group automatically.


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I am so happy for this. I wear size 10 and have been struggling to get something exciting other than simple black shoe because of my size and the market doesn’t cater for us that much.

Sakhile June 24, 2022

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