Mokkah is a female-owned British footwear brand founded by myself, Sherene Headley.

We provide shoes exclusively for women who wear extended sizes (UK8-12/US10-14/EU42-46), with the sole aim to empower and inspire women from the inside out. 

I've always loved shoes but from a young age I struggled to find joy in shoe shopping, due to the length of my feet. I wasn't able to find my shoe size in traditional women's stores which meant I never had the opportunity to take part in the latest fashion trend or have a go-to store that catered to my sense of style. This really affected my confidence and for the most-part made me feel less feminine. My shoe size wasn't out of stock; it wasn't considered at all because society decided that no womans foot could possibly be any larger than what they deem acceptable. 

From a desire to have my own shoe empire and serve the long-ignored community of women with longer feet, we celebrate diversity from the feet up, with a clear mission to make every woman with large feet feel confident, strong and sexy.

Together, we'll remove the stigma!

Love always,
Sherene xx