MOKKAH is my baby.

Now to some that may be a weird thing to say but it's the only way for me to describe the need I have for MOKKAH to thrive.

MOKKAH was created out of love, the love I have for shoes as well as the love I have for teenage Sherene, who struggled to love herself. I don't feel worried or judged about expressing this to you because the majority of you will get it, understand it or would have even experienced it.

It's funny that as as adults we know it's important to be ourselves, to be able to embrace all that we have and try not to care about other peoples opinions but when you're young, all you want to do is fit in. To have the same clothes, shoes and bags as your friends or at least have the option to.

Having what society deem big feet, for a girl can be a struggle especially if you live in an area where shops are few and far between or if you have outspoken family and friends who like 'banter'. You can feel like something is wrong with you, like you were somehow created incorrectly because everything around you tells you that you're not supposed to be the way you are.

Going into women's shoe stores and hearing 'we don't stock that size', or 'no' whenever you ask if your shoe size is in stock, can be soul destroying. For me, knowing I didn't have the freedom to buy my shoes in the same place I bought my accessories or clothes was always quite disheartening, made worse by my shoe options of bland, bland and more bland. 

I used to be embarrassed to shop in particular stores when I was young because no one else I knew shopped there, there were no other young people in the store whenever I went in but most of all, the designs were always what I believed to be unattractive or for a much maturer demographic! 

I wanted to create a shoe brand that people would look at and think 'wow, those are nice!' no matter whether they were my target customer or not. I believe the majority of the insecurities we have as adults are based on our experiences as a child so I whole-heartedly believe that if I had the option to wear beautiful shoes when I was young, the ones that I was proud to wear, I wouldn't have carried the shame and the embarrassment I did from my teens into my young-adult life. 

There's no reason why large shoes for women can't be attractive.
There's no reason why large shoes for women can't have embellishments or come in different colours and materials.
There's no reason why large shoes for women cannot have some design variation - please brands, stop dishing women the same black, flat ballerina shoes with the bow at the front. 

MOKKAH launched in March 2021 so I've had to start small with relatively safe designs but trust me, the fun is only just starting. I cannot wait to offer more boots, heels, sandals, pretty flat shoes, women's trainers (no more mens department) and of course a bridal collection! 

I want MOKKAH to inspire you to be the best version of yourself - the confident and powerful version. I want MOKKAH to help you recognise your personal growth journey and push you to keep thriving.

MOKKAH is my baby, made with love for you to fall in love.

Sherene (Founder) xxx

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I can totally relate to what you have written here. Please carry on doing what you do. X

Lisa White May 08, 2022

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