One size does not fit all...

Finding shoes for women in large sizes is not easy but what’s more annoying is when you see your size, get excited and when the shoes arrive they don’t fit!

Some of the reasons for this is because brands use different size measurements - for example our UK8/US10 translates to an EU42 but a lot of high street brands convert to an EU41. There is actually no right way or wrong way its just that with one sizing metric, they measure the gap between sizes at around 6mm and the other at around 8mm. We chose to adopt the larger metric as we found many women who were a 'big' size UK8 (EU42) were finding it challenging to find their SIZE - despite the signs signalling their size was stocked. 

How do you combat this issue? Well, my advice would be to either have your feet professionally measured but a quicker method would be to measure your feet at home and base the shoes you choose on your actual size measurement. In our free shoe guide (download here) I tell you how to quickly and accurately measure your feet at home. Armed with your foot measurement, compare this to the size guide of your chosen brand and it should minimise the chance of you needing to return. Now, this isn’t full proof as you’ll still see a lot of brands list ‘true to size’ or ‘fits big’ (ourselves included) but it will definitely give you clarity on which size to select next time you’re shopping.

Download our guide now by clicking here.

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