Quality shoes and the benefits

Let’s talk about quality.

Shoes for women in large sizes is not only difficult to find but is even more difficult to find where the quality hasn’t been compromised. 

I previously shared on social media, and will share again in this weeks blog, the fundamental reason why quality has been one of my main focuses for building MOKKAH. 

Having what society deem ‘big feet’ for a girl, I found that the shoes available for me when I was young always had a weak sole. At the age of eleven I wore a UK8 in shoes and by sixteen I was a UK10 and I’d always find that by the end of the school term the soles of my shoes were ruined - they had holes! You may recall from your own childhood the frantic need to buy ALL the shoes in your size - no matter the style or colour and that’s exactly what my mother always tried to do for me. She knew that by the time I needed them they wouldn’t be available. 

A great quality sole doesn’t just mean longevity - it’s protection from harsh surfaces and materials that can harm you such as glass and stones. Leather soles are a great option for shoes but where that’s not possible, a thick-enough durable rubber sole would be the next best thing.

You may not realise this but there are so many health issues that can come from wearing poorly made shoes - shoes that are not the right size or lack the support needed for our feet. You may have a low instep? Bunions? Plantar fasciitis? These potentially lifelong conditions can be because of repeat use of poorly made shoes or shoes that were not made for the shape of your feet. 

I speak about some of the styles which can be harmful to feet in our newly released, Ultimate Shoe Guide - Click this link to be sent yours!


Sherene xx

PS. If you have bunions there are correctors that you can purchase quite cheaply - it helps with the realignment of your big toe and it works! This is not an advertisement but feel free to drop me a message if you’d like a link to the one I used :)

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