Remove the stigma

My feet were my biggest insecurity.

 For years I kept my shoe size a secret. When I was a teen I always hid my shoes when visiting friends and family, came up with excuses for why I wasn’t wearing the latest fashion trends and always dressed in a way to disguise my shoe size – bootcuts and flared jeans come to mind.

 I created MOKKAH for all the women who society deem to have ‘big feet’. For the women who have experienced the soul-destroying responses from sales assistants when they confirm that they didn’t stock their size. For the women who would and still do, clam up at the thought of ice skating or even worse bowling; when you not only have to request your size in front of a queue of people but place your shoe onto the counter and then wear their bowling shoe which has your size printed on the outside. I remember rushing passed the attendants or going in after my friends were given the lane, just so I could keep my trainers on!

 I always loved shoes but the experience I had shopping was horrible. Growing up my mum would literally buy as many that came in my size as possible because she knew that when the time came and I needed a new pair, there wouldn’t be any available. I bought shoes off the high street but they were often poor quality as with enough wear the sole would thin and soon enough a hole would appear. I had styles much more mature than my years simply due to the lack of options and although I was lucky enough to not have been bullied, I remember once in school being accused of adding a kitten heel to my ballerina so that I didn’t need to buy new shoes.

 It’s a shame for us as women to have to refer to our feet as ‘big’ or ‘large’ or ‘extended’, simply because modern beauty standards have decided that women’s feet should only grow to a certain size. It’s bad that as a brand I need to tie in those negative phrases and connotations into my website so that I can attract my customers because that’s the language we have been taught to use about ourselves and our differences.

Our aim is to make women feel confident, strong, and sexy - you're not just a customer buying shoes, you're an integral part of our brand. We are on a mission to empower and inspire as many women as possible, encouraging them to always step with confidence.  

Love Always,
Sherene xx

Founder and Creative Director


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