It's time to let go.

Too many of us have dreams that we don't think we're capable of achieving. 

We say 'one day..' or 'soon' or 'when I'm in a better position' but the truth is beneath what you tell the world (your armour), you know the real reason.

For me, I was scared.
Scared of what people were going to think.
Scared of what people were going to say.
Scared that if I stepped out and took a chance I'd be reminded of the exact reason I had armour.

Someone might have laughed at you, doubted you or in a lot of cases, projected their own insecurities onto you and now you believe what they said is true. 

I remember a 7-year-old Sherene. She was loud, happy, chatty, chubby (haha) and a little bit cheeky but above all, she was confident and loved shoes. She loved talking about shoes and shopping for shoes - she didn't know about insecurities until one day someone said 'Your feet are big' and laughed.

As adults, we often carry the pain or humiliation we experienced as children with us into our adult lives. When we do that our hearts then respond in the same way which can snowball and affect other areas of our lives. For me, each negative experience kept me captive and as I grew it affected my personality and who I believed I was.

One day I just felt like enough was enough and I began to emotionally gear myself up to begin my healing journey and at the end of that journey, there was MOKKAH.  

Sometimes we don't know where to start and how to pinpoint the reason we feel down or angry or frustrated and sometimes it's painful for us to go back and discover when it all started but it's so necessary. You have to tackle it and take control of your story.

There's a reason we were all here.
We were all born for purpose.

MOKKAH is more than shoes. It's about your personal growth journey, the love you have for yourself - knowing that you deserve the world and more.

Step into your power, it all starts with you.

Sherene (Founder) xxx

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